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Introducing Sette Mari Carrageenan, meticulously extracted from Eucheuma seaweeds.

This semi-refined Carrageenan, known as E407a, boasts exceptional thermoreversible gel-forming abilities, especially in the presence of potassium ions. It remains impressively stable in alkali mediums. This naturally occurring carbohydrate, hailing from red seaweed, offers a versatile range of textures – from flowing liquids to resilient gels, making it an invaluable tool across diverse industries, particularly renowned for its prowess as a stabilizing and thickening agent in food production.

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Through a meticulous process of washing and alkali treatment, the carrageenan is retained within the cell wall matrix of the seaweed. Commercial-grade carrageenan products undergo precise standardization to ensure consistent performance, especially in gelling and thickening applications. Composed of high-molecular-weight polysaccharides, it features repeating galactose units and 3,6 anhydrogalactose (3,6-AG), both sulfated and nonsulfated, connected through alternating alpha 1–3 and beta 1–4 glycosidic linkages.

Within the commercial sphere, two prominent classes stand out:

  • Kappa: Esteemed for its robust gel-forming ability, particularly in the presence of potassium ions, it plays a crucial role in interactions with dairy proteins. Kappaphycus alvarezii stands as its primary source.
  • Iota: Demonstrating a penchant for yielding soft, pliable gels in the presence of calcium ions, it is predominantly sourced from Eucheuma denticulatum.

Distinguishing factors between kappa and iota carrageenan revolve around the number and placement of ester sulfate groups on the galactose units. Higher levels of ester sulfate tend to lower solubility temperatures and yield gels with reduced strength.

While both forms readily dissolve in hot water, only the sodium salts of both variants exhibit solubility in cold water.

In the realm of food production, carrageenan is distinguished with EU additive designations E407 or E407a, particularly when sourced from "processed eucheuma seaweed." Widely employed as an emulsifying agent, it contributes to the stability and texture of a wide array of consumable goods.

In regions such as Scotland and Ireland, it enjoys local acclaim under the name Carrageen Moss. Here, it is delicately simmered in milk, strained, and enriched with a blend of sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, brandy, or whisky, culminating in a dessert with a texture reminiscent of pannacotta, tapioca, or blancmange.

The synergistic partnership of iota carrageenan with sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL) yields exceptional stabilizing and emulsifying effects not replicated by other carrageenan types or emulsifiers. This dynamic combination excels in creating emulsions under varying temperature conditions, and accommodates the use of both vegetable and animal fats.

Across the United States, carrageenan is a valued component in the formulation of soy milk products, notably within the offerings of the esteemed Whole Foods brand. This speaks to its widespread application and versatility in modern food production.

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One of RKNs best-seller, crafted from carefully selected red seaweed, Sette SRC stands as a pinnacle of pure semi-refined carrageenan. This premium-grade ingredient is meticulously processed to cater to the diverse demands of various industries. With Sette SRC, you’re equipped with a versatile tool.

Sette SRC offers precise control over gel formation, allowing for the creation of products with a wide spectrum of textures, from soft and pliable to firm and structured. Its high gel strength and stability make it an ideal choice for an array of industries, spanning from food production to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and beyond.

Sette SRC imparts a smooth, creamy texture to formulations, enhancing the overall sensory experience for consumers. Crafted with purity as the cornerstone, Sette SRC adheres to the highest industry standards for top-notch performance and safety.

For optimal results, compatibility tests are recommended. Our expert technical support team is readily available to provide guidance on product usage, formulation, and processing. Elevate your formulations with the exceptional capabilities of Sette SRC pure semi-refined carrageenan. With Sette SRC, you’re not just adding an ingredient; you’re enhancing your products with a touch of excellence.Download Flyer


Sette ATC, our Alkali Treated Carrageenan Chips, stand as a testament to versatility in applications. These specialized chips, crafted with precision, find their place in various industries. They are a crucial ingredient in the production of semi-refined and refined carrageenan, a backbone in countless products.

This versatile component, extracted from carefully sourced seaweed, opens doors to diverse formulations. It plays a pivotal role for producers of refined carrageenan and semi-refined carrageenan alike, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. 

Whether in food, pharmaceuticals, or other industries, Sette ATC emerges as a reliable cornerstone for excellence and innovation. Its adaptability is the key, making it an indispensable choice for manufacturers seeking to elevate their product offerings.Download Flyer

Sette Alor stands out in dairy beverages for its ability to precisely control texture. It enables the creation of a diverse spectrum of textures, from creamy and smooth to firm and indulgent, all customized to your product specifications.

A key feature of Sette Alor is its capacity to form gels at room temperature, eliminating the need for excessive heating. This preserves the delicate flavours and nutrients of dairy, resulting in a product that retains the natural essence while delivering an enhanced texture experience.

Furthermore, Sette Alor excels in minimizing syneresis, a crucial factor in dairy beverages. This means that the product maintains its moisture content without separation, ensuring a consistent and appealing mouthfeel. Additionally, it enhances gel clarity, contributing to the visual appeal of the beverage, creating an enticing, and satisfying sensory experience for consumers.Download Flyer

Crafted for desserts, Sette Flores is a specialized carrageenan blend sourced from premium red seaweed. It provides precise control over gel strength, allowing for a wide range of textures, from soft and silky to firm and bouncy.

In ice cream formulations, Sette Flores stands out by significantly enhancing creaminess and texture. By reducing ice crystal formation, it ensures a smoother, more luxurious mouthfeel. This unique characteristic elevates the quality of ice cream, making Sette Flores an essential ingredient for creating a premium frozen treat.

Furthermore, Sette Flores excels in enhancing stability and preventing syneresis, guaranteeing that desserts maintain their structure and appearance over time. Additionally, it contributes to an extended shelf life, ensuring products remain fresh and delectable for a longer duration.Download Flyer


Sette Komodo, sourced from premium red seaweed, is a specialized carrageenan tailored to meet the exacting demands of meat applications. Its exceptional binding capability significantly enhances the natural water-binding capacity of meat proteins, resulting in consistently succulent, juicy, and tender meat products. 

This unique carrageenan solution also empowers precise slicing and uniformity, adding a professional touch to presentations. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in optimizing water retention and yield, effectively reducing water loss during cooking. This not only improves overall yield but also ensures economic benefits. 

Sette Komodo goes beyond texture enhancement; it also contributes to an extended shelf life for meat formulations, enhancing stability and preventing undesirable water release.Download Flyer


Sette Rote, a specialized carrageenan blend, is meticulously crafted to elevate your jelly and confectionery creations. It offers precise control over gel strength, allowing for a wide range of textures, from soft and silky to firm and bouncy.

In jelly applications, Sette Rote excels in forming gels at room temperature, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient production process. This unique characteristic eliminates the need for excessive heating, preserving the natural flavors and nutrients of your ingredients.

Furthermore, Sette Rote contributes to minimal syneresis, guaranteeing that your jellies maintain their moisture content without separation. This results in a consistent and appealing mouthfeel, enhancing the overall sensory experience for consumers.

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Crafted for precise formulations in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, Sette Sabu is a specialized carrageenan blend that offers tailored control over texture and stability, ensuring optimal results in a range of products.

In pharmaceutical preparations, Sette Sabu provides a versatile solution for achieving desired textures, from gels to creams, allowing for precise dosage and application. Its unique formulation contributes to stability, enhancing the shelf life of pharmaceutical formulations.

In cosmetics, particularly skin care products, Sette Sabu provides a luxurious, smooth texture that enhances application and absorption. This carrageenan blend also contributes to product stability, maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of cosmetic formulations over time.Download Flyer


In beverage formulations, Sette Sumba provides a versatile solution for achieving desired textures, from clear and refreshing to thick and indulgent, allowing for precise formulation according to your product specifications. Its unique gel-forming properties enable the creation of beverages with a range of sensory experiences, ensuring that each sip is a delight. 

Whether you’re aiming for a smooth, easy-to-drink consistency or a more substantial, satisfying texture, Sette Sumba delivers. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for beverage developers looking to craft drinks that stand out in terms of both taste and texture. With Sette Sumba, you have the means to create beverages that captivate consumers and leave a lasting impression.Download Flyer

Sette Sumba Protafloc

Sette Sumba Protafloc is a specialized carrageenan blend tailored to enhance the beer brewing process. Derived from premium red seaweed, this unique formulation brings a new level of clarity and stability to your brew.

Sette Sumba Protafloc is designed to optimize the brewing process, providing essential functions. It significantly improves the clarity of wort, ensuring a clean and visually appealing brew. By aiding in the settling of unwanted particles, Sette Sumba Protafloc facilitates easier racking and filtration, leading to a smoother brewing process. This carrageenan blend also helps minimize haze formation, resulting in a beer with exceptional visual appeal and a clear, inviting appearance.

With Sette Sumba Protafloc, you’re not just adding an ingredient; you’re enhancing the entire brewing experience. Elevate your beer brewing process with the unmatched capabilities of Sette Sumba Protafloc carrageenan blend. Experience a new standard of clarity and quality in your brews.Download Flyer

In pet food formulations, Sette Timor plays a vital role as a natural binder. This means it helps hold the ingredients together, ensuring the final product maintains its shape and integrity. This is particularly important for dry pet foods like kibble. Sette Timor also excels in moisture retention. It helps trap moisture within the product, resulting in a more palatable and enjoyable eating experience for pets. This is especially beneficial in maintaining the freshness and quality of the pet food.

Moreover, Sette Timor contributes to texture enhancement. It imparts a desirable mouthfeel to the pet food, making it more appealing to pets. This aspect is crucial, as pets often rely on texture cues when it comes to their food preferences.

When it comes to air fresheners, Sette Timor serves as a natural gelling agent. This means it helps to solidify the liquid or gel components of the air freshener, allowing for controlled and sustained fragrance release. This controlled release ensures that the air freshener maintains a consistent and pleasant aroma over time.

The versatility of Sette Timor in both pet food and air freshener formulations makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications in the pet care and home care industries. Its multifaceted functions contribute to creating high-quality products that cater to the well-being and comfort of pets and homes alike. Elevate your formulations with the exceptional capabilities of Sette Timor carrageenan blend.Download Flyer

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